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LOM Supply You Precision CNC Machining Service China

We are a manufacturing company that specializes in providing materials ranging from metal to plastic. Established in 2009, we have 100 sets of CNC turning machines and 30 sets of milling machines, enabling us to provide efficient and precise machining services.

Multi-axis Machining

3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis cnc machining for varieties of materials.

Tolerance Control

Strict do as your drawings and high precision  up to ±0.001mm.

Rapid Prototyping

Fast 3-7days for your prototyping development.

Assembly Service

Provide you a ready-to-use CNC custom parts, saving your time.

Quality Assurance

All CNC machined parts undergo quality checks before shipping

On-time Delivery

Earns repeat business and customer trust.

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Online CNC Machining Services

We provide online custom CNC parts using 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machines, catering to a variety of materials such as plastic and metal. Our precision cnc turning service and cnc milling services cover both simple and complex designs with high accuracy requirements.

CNC Turning Services

Our CNC turning service has 100 sets of advanced equipment and skilled machinists, providing fast, precise, and versatile turning solutions for a wide range of materials. We can handle urgent projects, meet or exceed customer specifications, and deliver on time and within budget.

CNC Milling Services

Our CNC milling service excels with advanced 3, 4, and 5-axis milling machines, capable of producing complex parts with a tolerance of up to 0.001mm. We offer expertise in working with diverse materials like plastics, metals, and composites, delivering top-quality parts within tight deadlines.

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Materials for Custom CNC Machining Parts

We understand that every industry has unique material requirements for various applications. In order to cater to your specific needs, we provide a diverse range of materials for CNC machining purposes.



What materials are required for your custom CNC parts project?

Surface Finishes for CNC Machining Parts

Our extensive selection of surface finishes caters to diverse applications, ensuring your CNC machined parts achieve the ideal balance of robust functionality and precise aesthetics. Engage with our experts to customize a solution that aligns with your project’s unique requirements.

Bead Blasting

Bead Blasting

Remove dirt and burrs on your CNC parts,  improves adhesion to coatings and plating, and creates a unique textured look.



Usually used on aluminum CNC parts, achieve a range of colors and improve surface hardness, reduces the risk of scratching.

Power Coating

Powder Coating

Durable, corrosion-resistant and cosmetically appealing. It is more resistant to chipping, scratching and peeling than painting. 


Creates linear texture on metal, improving surface quality and covering minor scratches on aluminum, stainless steel, and brass.

Black Oxide Coating

Black Oxide Coating

Creating a layer of black iron oxide, providing corrosion resistance and decoration. It can be used on steel, stainless, copper, brass, aluminum, and zinc.



Enhance the appearance and performance by creating a smooth and shiny surface, your parts will be wrapped in bubble bag to avoid damage.

Etched and Laser

Add your logo or design on custom cnc parts to a surface with precision and detail, which can improve your brand’s visual impact and recognition.


Coating a thin layer of metal, such as gold, sliver, nickel, chrome  or copper, onto a surface to enhance its appearance, durability and corrosion resistance.

Discover More CNC Machining Surface Finish Options

What CNC Machining Service We Can Do for You

Choose the below materials and confirm the surface finishes for your custom CNC machining needs.  Our team will handle all the details, from design to production, ensuring that your project is completed to your specifications and delivered on time with high-quality results.

Aluminum CNC Machining

Aluminum CNC Machining

Brass CNC Machining

Brass CNC Machining

Copper CNC Machining

Copper CNC Machining

Stainless Steel CNC Machining

Stainless steel CNC Machining

Titanium CNC Machining

Titanium CNC Machining

Plastic CNC Machining

Plastic CNC Machining

Custom CNC Machining Services for Your Parts Needs

LOM Samples vs. Mass Production

Your order samples can get a quick turnaround of 3-7 days using our in stock materials. Once samples approved, we can move on to mass production. And our LOM team will communicate with you throughout the samples creation process and all details of mass production before shipping.

Samples for cnc machining parts


  • Sample time: 3-7 Days
  • In-stock materials for efficient rapid prototyping
  • Samples made to your specifications and tolerance
  • Various surface finishes available
  • Modification or new sample creation based on your needs
Mass production for cnc machining parts

Mass Production

  • Leading time: 15-25 Days
  • Mass production matched approved samples for finishes and tolerance
  • Communicate all details with you during mass production
  • Safe packaging to avoid damage during shipping
  • 60-Day quality assurance on all your CNC parts

How We Ensure High-Quality CNC Machined Parts For You

Learn how our advanced 3,4,5axis cnc machines and rigorous quality control rules, and raw material and surface finish control to ensure high-quality CNC machined parts. Packaging your goods safety to avoid damage and after-service support for your CNC machining needs.


Advanced CNC Machining Equipment

Cnc turning and milling machines for 3,4,5 axis machining to meet your specific requirements, including deburrs, chamfers and various shapes.

Rigorous Quality Control Process

3D image measuring instruments, film thickness testers and roughness testers. And our engineers also use calipers to check tolerances at every step of the process.

High-Quality Materials and Finish

Source the best materials and adhere to environmental protection standards such as ROHS, REACH and ISO certifications. Our surface finish factory also operates with the same standards.

Secure and Protective Packaging

Our packaging department selects the best packaging methods to protect your CNC parts during shipping and ensure the arrive safety at your location.


What our customer says


  • CNC machining: 3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis available
  • High precision  up to +-0.001mm
  • Rapid prototyping: 3days sampling
  • Short lead time: 15days production
  • Small batch orders: 200-500pcs
  • Rapidly process large orders: arrange 10-20 sets of CNC machines for you projects
  • In-house mold shop for tool molds
  • In-house anodizing workshop for surface finish
  • Quality control: all parts rigorously tested
  • After-service guarantee: 60-day feedback policy
  • ISO certified: ROSH and REACH certifications available
  • We accept small quantity orders ranging from 100 to 500pcs and provide customized solutions for your specific needs. Whether you’re starting a DIY project, looking for a new supplier, or in the testing process, we’re here to help.
  • We have experience working with customers who started small and grew their businesses, now they become the top companies in their industry.
  • During the first sample order, our professional sample office and skilled engineers will work closely with you to achieve the desired results.

We’re committed to building a long-term relationship with you and providing you with the best possible service.

Contact us for sample orders, and we look forward to helping you grow your business.

Tolerance is an essential factor to consider when choosing a CNC machining service supplier. At LOM, we use advanced CNC turning and milling machines to achieve high levels of accuracy and precision.

  • For simple and non-complicated CNC turning parts, we can achieve tolerances as low as +/-0.01mm for dimensions and +/-0.02mm for flatness and perpendicularity.
  • For complicated cnc milling parts, we can achieve tolerances as low as +/-0.005mm for diameters and lengths and +/-0.01mm for concentricity and roundness.

Our skilled engineers and technicians work closely with you and pay close attention to quality control throughout the entire machining process to ensure that the finished CNC parts meet your specifications.

If you have any questions about our tolerance levels or machining capabilities, please feel free to contact us.

  • Copper CNC parts and silver CNC parts: These materials are prone to oxidation and can become soft, so we use custom blister boxes, foam packaging, and paper wrapping to protect them during transport.
  • Aluminum CNC parts: These parts can easily become scratched, so we use foam packaging and paper wrapping to prevent damage.
  • Titanium parts: These parts require protection during polishing, so we use foam packaging and paper wrapping to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.
  • Iron and steel parts: We use PP bag packaging and apply anti-rust oil to prevent oxidation and maintain their condition during transport.
  • Stainless steel CNC parts and brass CNC parts: We use PP bag and custom boxes or foam inserts, depending on the size and shape of the parts.

We use proper packaging to protect your metal parts during transport. Contact us for any questions about our packaging solutions.

LOM hold certifications, including ISO 9001:2015 and ROHS, and adhere to environment protection standards such as REACH.

  • ISO 9001:2015 – This certification is related to quality management systems and ensures that a company meets
  • RoHS – This certification is related to the restriction of hazardous substances and ensures that a company is not using any harmful materials in their products.
  • REACH – This certification is a regulation of the European Union that aims to protect human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals. It is important for companies that use chemicals in their processes to comply with REACH regulations


How to Place Your Custom Part Here?

Experience the ease of turning your custom part ideas into reality. With advanced CNC machines, tight tolerances, and diverse materials, ordering with us is simple. Get started and unlock the advantages of our service today.

Send Us Your Drawings

Send your design files in PDF, CAD, STEP, IGS to us , then we sign non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as your request

Specify Your Requirements

Confirm the material, surface finish, tolerance with you. then quote you the price within 24 hours.

Provide Samples for You

We provide samples of CNC parts within 7days before moving forward with the production process.

Submit a Deposit or Full Payment

When samples approved, you can submit a deposit through Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Western Union and Paypal.

Quality Control in Production

We perform rigorous quality control check at every stage of the production process.

Delivery safety And on Time

Use custom blister boxes, foam packaging ,paper wrapping, and pp bag. And short leading time 15-25 days

Ready to Start Your Project with Us?

Send us your drawings, specify your materials and surface finish, and received a quote within 24 hours.

CNC Machining Services for Your Industries

Our CNC machining services are tailored to cater to your specific industry needs. We offer precision and efficient solutions for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, and more.

Our 5-axis CNC milling machines enable us to fabricate complex CNC machining aerospace parts with high-quality, precision, and lightweight materials, meeting the specific requirements of the industry.


We offer CNC machining services for the auto industry, providing precision parts such as engine blocks, gearboxes, and custom CNC parts. We focus on high-speed, high-precision machining and also offer die casting and stamping services.


Our company provides a broad range of essential components for the electronics industry. These include casings, printed circuit boards, heat sinks, sockets and connectors, and semiconductors.


CNC machining produces precise surgical instruments such as biopsy tubes, forceps, spacers, clamps and saws that meet healthcare standards. Design for easy sterilization and thorough testing is crucial for medical use.

Medical Devices

We provides accurate and durable parts for the energy industry, including turbines, valves, pumps, and pipelines. It enhances efficiency and safety by producing complex components with tight tolerances and specialized materials.


CNC machining offers customized gears, shafts, frames, enclosures, brackets, mounts for robotics. It enables efficient assembly and reliable performance of robot components, enhancing automation capabilities.